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Dr. Shenell

     Dr. D works with teachers who are experiencing burnout and have a new dream but can’t find a way out. She’s led more than 200 educators from the classroom to their own “rooms” (aka businesses) in less than 12 months, doubling their salary and tripling their reach to learners across the globe.


      Her philosophy of designing your business around your life and not your life around your business is the exact opposite of what the school system preaches.


      Through her weekly podcast, Educators Moving On, her email subscribers, and her Facebook community, Dr. D reaches more than 10,000 educators per week. She helps audiences reimagine their entire life, not just the school day. She is a firm believer in the “both-and” culture and believes that abundance is your birthright.


     When Dr. D is not disrupting the status quo, she can be found traveling with her family (3 boys, husband, and 2 dogs), roller skating, or baking a fabulous dessert. 



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