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Get Your Proposal Written Challenge

What is offered inside of the ‘Get Your Proposal Written Challenge’?


5 days of proposal writing training with Dr. Shenelle DuBose herself, access to the Proposal Writing Group, and the chance to read real proposals to pursue in education.


You’ll also be receiving ‘The Stop Playing Small’ bonus training, the opportunity to end with a completed proposal!


Launch your Ed Consulting
Business Challenge

Build & Grow Your Educational Consulting Business… While Working Full-time.


Learn how to set up a sustainable and scalable consulting business


How to package your program/service as a system and not just random PDs and workshops


Learn what systems of automation are needed in the business to help you keep your sanity


Understand the strategies for consistently having an overflow of clients



Understand how you will replace your paycheck and increase your income!


Ready to walk away after less than a week with the tools and resources you’ve been trying to figure out on your own?

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