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Hey budding consultant, feeling the itch to leap from the traditional classroom and dive into the expansive world of educational consulting but not sure where to begin? Meet your launchpad: the 30-Day Quick Start Program!


30-Day Quick Start Program isn’t just a course; it’s your gateway to morphing that teaching expertise into a lucrative consulting venture. Here’s a little sneak peek into what awaits you in this five-session treasure trove:


1. Foundation Building: Learn the A to Z of kickstarting your consulting journey, from setting up your program to understanding the financial landscape.


2. Mindset Mastery: Equip yourself with the winning mindset that’s vital in propelling your consulting career to heights you’ve only imagined.


3. Monetize Your Magic: Delve into the nuts and bolts of how you’ll be raking in the bucks through your new venture.


4. Action-Packed Modules: Each session is a powerhouse of actionable insights that will have you making strides from the get-go.


5. Comprehensive Workbook: Your companion in translating learnings into actions, ensuring you’re on a steady path to success.


Scores of consultants have catapulted their careers into a realm of financial abundance, all thanks to the springboard that is "Beyond the Blackboard". They didn’t just learn; they applied, they conquered, and oh, how they flourished, with hundreds of thousands in earnings to show for it!


If you’re at the cusp of starting your consulting journey, this program is your ticket to fast-track from contemplation to real action. Don’t just stand at the threshold; step “Beyond the Blackboard” and see your consulting dreams take flight!


Ready to turn that consulting curiosity into a full-blown career? Your first step into the exciting world of educational consulting is just a click away!


30-Day Quick Start Program!

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